Cruising The British Virgin Islands on “Island Time”

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Cruising The British Virgin Islands on “Island Time”

Trellis Bay BVI Sunset for Blog - Cruising the BVI on Island Time

It’s Summer Time and the ultimate sailing capital of the world awaits your presence. Boasting over 60 islands, sunny tropical weather and trade winds ideal for sailing; the BVI is the prime location to explore summer fun under the sun. But how do you make a week long family trip adventurous while being on island time? Here’s a couple destinations to visit while exploring the BVI:

First let’s get your “floating hotel” preparation in order, Bareboats BVI offers a wide variety of options for bare boat charters, crewed yacht charters, motor yacht charters or hiring a skipper for your sailing preferences. Bareboats also provide ideas on how you could make this trip much more memorable with several choices of hand picked catamarans and models ranging from 36’ to 52’ with 2 to 12 people on board, let’s just say your vacation of a lifetime begins here!

At this point your hotel is all set, lets start sailing South as we sail over to “The Caves” at Norman Island. A one of a kind adventure that is a “must see” for new or returning visitors. There are many tales and stories of this historic attraction of pirates, buried treasure and even inspiration of classical movies by Robert Lewis Stevenson. The caves are typically explored by snorkeling or you may canoe inside; nonetheless you’ll experience these fascinating rock formations at your fingertips.

Cruising The British Virgin Islands on “Island Time”
Another great stop for the grown folks is the legendary “Willy-T” a 100 foot floating bar and restaurant well known for its casual atmosphere, heated shenanigans, shot selections and being able to dive in the beautiful waters from the rooftop of the boat. Prepare to get loose at this spot as things transition from 0 to 100 really quick!
Cruising The British Virgin Islands on “Island Time”
Next up, head East to “The Baths” at Virgin Gorda, huge granite boulders with hours of exploration and might I add beautiful water. The boulders have created a cave like exploration scene with mini pools and it acts as a competitive trail to see who’ll make it to “Devils Bay” and back to the baths. What a great way for the entire family to spend a day at sea; fun under the sun just keeps getting better!

As our sailing exploration continue, we head West and will stumble upon Pusser’s Marina Cay; a great spot for a bite, engage in snorkeling activities , refuel and trash facilities. As you take a peak to your right of Marina Cay you’ll take sight of the luxurious Scrub Island Resort; great for vacationing , weddings, day-trips or soaking up some island luxury. The resort has been opened since 2010 and adds many benefits to the BVI.

To your left you’ll get a hold of Trellis Bay, Beef Island; a well protected anchorage fringed by a semicircular beach. Trellis Bay has transitioned into a busy hub for locals and visitors as it is the main port to travel to the other neighboring islands such as Marina Cay, Scrub Island, Guana Island, Great Camano, The Villa Oasis, The Last Resort and Virgin Gorda. But what’s there to do while at Trellis Bay some may wonder; there’s a lot let’s start off with Trellis Bay Market. The mini-market for all your bareboat provisioning needs and Trellis Bar which is well known for its award winning Chicken Roti and Island BBQ available every Friday, Saturday & Full Moon Nights! The newly opened Trellis Laundromat serves as a quick stop to get those garments fresh again.

As you take a stroll down the bay you’ll find Marche’s Bar serving up island specialties, Jeremy’s Kitchen for their famous loaded sandwiches, Aragon’s Studio for its unique crafts and fireball designs and at the end of the bay it’s De Loose Mongoose a great spot for an afternoon drink and dinner! The entire bay transitions into a family friendly party atmosphere once a month with local mocko- jumbles, live music , BBQ, buffet style dinner, crafts and of course the legendary fireballs. Visit this link to get the entire full moon schedule.

Cruising The British Virgin Islands on “Island Time”
Final stop we’ll head West for Foxy’s at Jost Van Dyke, inhabited by the BVI’s cultural ambassador Philicianno “Foxy” Callwood known for his rhymes, his unwavering contributions to the BVI tourism industry, his down to earth personality and his bare feet. Visitors and locals visit yearly for their New Years Party which falls within the top 3 places to ring in the new year in the world! This island bar adds great history to the BVI community and we’re extremely proud to call it apart of our BVI traditions. Other activities at Foxy’s include its satellite bar “Foxy Taboo” located on Diamond Cay and the Foxhole. There you have it the BVI has much more to explore, but this should give you a kick start to your summer fun under the sun!

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