COVID-19 Update

To our valued friends and customers,

We understand the difficult times we are facing and the difficult times ahead, but we are in this together. In light of COVID-19 and the new curfew implemented by the Government of the Virgin Islands; Trellis Bay Market will be open Monday, April 20th, -Friday, April 24th, 2020 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM for Delivery orders only.

To ensure as many households get much-needed groceries, we are limiting the orders to 50 items per customer.

For delivery orders please use the order information below and send information to info@trellisbaymarket.com.

Delivery in East End ONLY $10 per order.

Fresh items available:

Orange Red Pepper Green Pepper Cucumbers Tomato Lime Lemon Eggs Red Apple Green Apple Bobchoy Lettuce Spinach Potato Squash

Download the Provisioning List and Order form below:

We are closely monitoring the pandemic and have implemented all necessary precautions for the safety of our staff and customers.

Let's continue working closely together and adhere to the rules/ guidelines put forward to ensure the safety of all. We look forward to being able to provide our regular services in due time.

Much love from our home at Trellis Bay and remember “what happens at the bay, stays at the bay!”.

If you need additional information please call (284) 495 - 1421 or WhatsApp (284) 341-6077. Submit orders at least 8 hours in advance to ensure all items can be sourced.

Before entering the market:

1. Please sanitize hands
2. Use hand wash sink provided outside (under satellite bar)
3. Practice social distancing - remain 3 to 6 feet between yourself and others

Please see the details below by the Government of the Virgin Islands and BVIHSA.

Government of the Virgin Islands